Destiny Capital Founder Steve Musick Announces Retirement for September 2021 After 40 Years of Dedicated Service

It is with mixed emotions that we share this announcement today. After 40 years of dedicated service to his clients and team, Destiny Capital founder Steve Musick is setting his sights on a well-deserved retirement in September 2021. This is a time of celebration of an incredible career and also an important transition that Destiny Capital has been preparing for. We will miss Steve immensely and we are honored and ready to carry the torch!

The following is a message from Steve Musick to all Destiny Capital clients and stakeholders:

Since 1978 I have been building an organization dedicated to the financial health and well-being of people. Over the last nine years, my oldest son, Jarrod Musick and I have worked together to transition values and knowledge with you at our forefront. We have intentionally restructured the organization into strategic work teams to provide a deeper level of service to meet the unique needs of all our clients. We have systems in place to ensure your relationship, goals, and planning needs are top of mind to your entire team. I have invested time with each of your advisors to share stories as a part of the emotional transition, which I am not sure yet if that was more for you or for me! Many laughs and some tears as I shared the blessing of being able to serve as your family’s advisor. This talented team of advisors, whom I am in complete awe of their skills and servant hearts, are ready to impactfully serve your family for many years to come.

Over the years, the weight has slowly lifted for me as Destiny Capital became the enduring firm it set out to be. I am proud of the leadership, team, infrastructure, services, values, wisdom, and opportunities in place for you as clients. I can set down the worry of “if anything happens to me” because we took the time as a team to properly prepare and I believe you are in even better hands now. 

This peace has allowed me the opportunity to explore and consider “what’s next”. I have advised and been present to so many meaningful life events. It’s something I carry with great gratitude. And now here I am, asking you to share in one of mine. For the first time since 1978, I have the head and heart space to consider what else is there for Elaine and me. It’s uncomfortable and rewarding. 

As of October of 2020 I began transitioning to counsel. Counsel means I am still active, but not on a full time schedule. It is time to step aside and allow the people we have selected and trained to fully ascend into their roles. 

Over the next year I will communicate regularly and continue to build meaningful roots between you and your team in this transition process. Everything we have done in leadership is with our stakeholders in mind as a priority. I am confident you will embrace your team as I have and we will both feel prepared and excited to celebrate my September 2021 retirement (which we hope to do in person). 

I originally wanted to share this announcement in some kind of public gathering. I have invested much time and emotion in you over the years and I wanted to do something personal, high touch and commemorative. I am way tired of “air hugs” ending ZOOM meetings. However, COVID is present and we must adapt. So, I am left to do the next best thing in a COVID-19 world. The following is a YouTube clip from the ending of one of my favorite films.

A young guy got dragged into a job as a last resort because he had limited other options. He discovered teaching was, in fact, his calling in life. I am very much like the character played by Richard Dreyfus in the film Mr Holland’s Opus. It is a 9 minute clip. Frankly the entire film is a must view from the Musick library every year.

Steven R. Musick

What Our Clients Can Expect

Under Steve’s leadership our company has intentionally operated under a team approach to serve clients so that any transition at Destiny Capital would not affect our valued clients. Steve has been transitioning his lead role for several years and with this guidance, we will continue to reflect the quality of service Destiny Capital is known for. Clients of Destiny Capital can rest assured that our experienced team has systems and processes in place to allow for an uninterrupted transitional experience. If you have any questions or concerns about your planning, team, or this transition, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  As Steve said, 

Everything we have done in leadership is with our stakeholders in mind as a priority. I am confident you will embrace the people in this transition as I have.”

While Steve’s leadership will be greatly missed, all of us at Destiny Capital are grateful to carry on his legacy and embrace what’s next for him and Elaine! 

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