Balancing Your Present and Your Future

I recently read an article that posed the question: “Ten years from now, how much money would you pay to go back in time to this very day?” That really stuck with me, as well as the premise of the whole article, which discussed focusing on today and setting aside the tendency to always think about tomorrow. So who are you spending time with today that might not be here in ten years? Is there an activity that you love to do right now that your body might not let you do in a decade? Are there kids or grandkids in your life that will be dramatically different ten years from now?


Destiny Capital’s challenge is to help clients balance today’s needs without creating problems in the future. We can help you keep your focus on the important stuff right now and not leave you thinking about decades in the future. We emphasize two things that really help in this area; delegating implementation of a plan and using systems to take care of the details.


Clients rely on us to take their full financial picture into account and then provide them with the important information that allows them to make decisions. This would include things like shopping for a home mortgage, deciding whether to add more to a retirement plan, and determining how to take capital from investment accounts as tax efficiently as possible. By delegating the analysis to our team at Destiny Capital, clients can have a conversation around the findings and then make a decision.


When we help clients build systems, we emphasize taking the repetitive but important tasks and automating them. Rather than needing to remember to send a check, transfer money, or make a decision about which account something goes to, automating those processes allows them to occur on schedule without needing to manually flip the switch. Those easy-to-forget tasks usually pop up when we are in the middle of something else and pull us out of the moment to run off and get them done. But if your systems are set up and running, you simply need to check in periodically, maybe once a month, to double check that everything is working as it should.


Building systems and delegating can help you stay in the moment. So continue to focus on the really important stuff today and take advantage of the moments happening right now.



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