Wealth Management vs. Financial Planning: What’s the difference?

Financial planning focuses on the process of determining whether and how an individual can meet life goals and focuses a great deal on risk. In contrast, wealth management combines both financial planning and investment management.

Financial Planning
It’s hard to know what goes on behind the scenes, but you can get a good idea of the value in these services by looking at what financial planners typically do for you.

Look below for some examples of what a financial planner might offer you.

  • Ongoing money management tips based on your current financial situation and your overall goals.
  • Investment advice
  • Savings plans for your retirement
  • Determine your insurance needs
  • Identify and illustrate ways for you to invest or save while minimizing taxes.

Tips and Advice
When seeking wealth management help, always remember the following:

  • There will never be a better time to work with a wealth manager; it’s an investment in your future, and the sooner you start the better.
  • There are hidden fees when investing, make sure you get full disclosure on all costs.

Wealth management is more diverse than just handling your finances and managing your investments. It can include accounting help, estate planning, tax return preparation, insurance, small business owner security and much more.

Our team knows how to manage money and invest with your lifetime plans and goals in mind. We’d love the chance to help bring you closer to future financial freedom. 



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