Stop Selling Yourself Short

Everyone impacts the world around them, planned or not. At Destiny Capital, we have always had conversations with our clients about how they are currently making an impact and how they aspire to. Because it’s important, we have developed a structured way to have this conversation and to refresh it every so often. Out of these discussions, we have discovered how differently everyone looks at impact and how it makes us feel. Some people immediately think of it as charitable contributions or volunteer work. Some think of it as being available and present to those closest to them. Some think of it as creating something that changes the world. The truth is, everyone has a different way that they show up for the world around them, and impact is unique to each of us.


As business owners, we have a tremendous impact on the world around us just by doing what we do. We take risks to start and own our businesses. This creates opportunities for the customers and clients who engage with us, for our teams and their families, and for other businesses that work alongside us. So, the next time you catch yourself thinking that impact is limited to areas like philanthropy or mentorship, take a moment and look at the massive impact you have already made. Giving back to others through direct philanthropy and time-donation programs is powerful, and we are here to help you reach those goals as well, but don’t lose sight of the great work you already do as an entrepreneur.



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