What The Recent Equifax Breach Really Means

The entire idea of personal security just became extinct.

New face recognition systems are being developed. I can see those systems being used to enter public venues, like sporting events and public transportation. There will be nowhere to hide! What will the world of tomorrow become? My guess is that only the security geeks of Silicon Valley know for sure. Allow me to speculate a bit in these next few paragraphs.


The Equifax data breach is by far the most damaging in history. The reason has been fairly well chronicled. The sheer number of affected citizens and the amount of confidential data obtained is hard to comprehend. The spooky thing is that these hackers now have a treasure trove of information. It’s for them to decide when to harvest that data in an attempt to extract money from those of us who had our data compromised.


The days of privacy ended with the Equifax breach. So, in the weeks since the breach you might be wondering, what are we doing for your accounts with us? It is important for you to know that we at Destiny Capital have not lost any sleep over the situation. Part of the reason we have not lost any sleep is that all of your accounts are monitored on a daily basis; it’s how our business operates. If transactions were to occur outside of your normal parameters, we would get on the phone and communicate with you directly. We ask about the activity in order to verify that it is actually you buying that car, or paying that tax bill. Furthermore, we know you personally, including what your voice sounds like on the phone. Is it possible that something could slip through? Certainly. But, we sleep soundly each night knowing that we are doing our very best to secure your accounts every day; it’s our standard of personal service.


Another reason we don’t lose sleep is the large backstop from Pershing and Bank of New York Mellon, the custodians of your funds. Pershing and the Bank of New York Mellon. They ultimately stand behind our organization and provide the best security they can. We are held together through technological relationships, and personal ones as well.


We wanted you to know that we are here for you. We know our clients by heart, by face, and by data. That makes a powerful security combination.


Have any questions or concerns? We’re here to help!




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