Overcoming the “Not Feeling It” Mood

The “not feeling it” mood. We all experience it. That feeling where you would rather curl up in a little ball on the couch and count the hours until it’s now socially acceptable for you to go to bed. That feeling.


We must fight the temptation to give into this feeling. Giving in is giving into instant gratification, and instant gratification is one of the leading causes of regret and depression. Instead of giving in today, give in tomorrow. All you have to do today is go through the motions. 

When you go through the motions, the analytical side of your brain, which tells you all the reasons why you shouldn’t do what you are doing, begins to shut off. During the seemingly mindless motions of everyday routines, your primal brain starts to wake up. This part of the brain is where habits are stored, and these habits will bring you back into your healthy state of mind. Once you have that, it will take you out of your “not feeling it” mood.

One of the primary “not feeling it” moods can stem from money. This is essential in our lives, but dealing with it can cause many people to shut down and avoid the subject altogether. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your money. Knowledge is power.

Find that ounce of motivation to go through the motions of monitoring your finances. Or, find the motivation to hire someone who will care for you. Going to the gym when you don’t want to is leaps and bounds easier when you know you are paying a personal trainer to hold you accountable and tell you exactly what to do to make sure your time at the gym is the most effective and efficient it can be.

Let Destiny Capital be your financial trainer. Going through the motions is a lot easier when you have a support system. You can talk to us about what is important to you and what you want to accomplish. Then we’ll work together to achieve these goals in the most effective and efficient way. If you are already a client, let us know if there is a cause you want to support, a dream vacation you want to take, or a grandchild you wish to send to college. We can help you plan for it. All you have to do today is go through the motion of calling us; we’ll partner with you to see it through.


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