It’s All Your Fault (in Your Business)

Here’s the bad news. You are at fault for everything that goes wrong in your business. The good news is that there are only four reasons why, and they are all fixable.


When something goes wrong in my firm, I take a mental look at ‘The List’ and ask which one it is.


The List:

1 – No process

2 – A ‘bad’ process

3 – No training or ‘bad’ training

4 – Wrong person or wrong seat


Think back to the last problem you had in your business. Did something fall through the cracks because it was something new? If it was new, I bet there was no process in place for it. Did a regular request take too long or go back to them incorrectly? That could be any of the four on The List, but I would bet that if it was a regular (meaning ordinary) request, it is probably either a training issue or a wrong person issue. If the same things keep breaking, even after multiple team meetings and retraining sessions, my guess is that the process is broken and needs revision.


The beauty of looking into the mirror and taking ownership by saying “It’s All My Fault” is that it transforms anger and frustration into action. By acknowledging that we have ultimate control over our business we can get to the root cause. Fix a process or build one for the first time. Retrain your team, move them around, or move on if it isn’t a good fit. When it is your fault, it is also your responsibility to fix.


It’s all your fault and it’s all in your control.



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