Sustainable Impact Strategies

Our Ethos – As a fiduciary, Destiny Capital is committed to always doing what is in the best interests of our clients. As global citizens and members of our community, we believe in making an impact and fostering positive change. We believe that money has meaning, and we can enhance meaning for our clients by investing in a manner that supports key values while providing strong risk adjusted returns. Using Destiny Capital’s Sustainable Impact Strategies, investors can leverage resources and generate exponential positive change through investing, impact, advocacy, and engagement.

Investment Strategy Classifications

Traditional Investing

Investment Return
No Impact

Investing that incorporates traditional fundamental & quantitative analysis in order to determine what assets to own with a focus on public & private markets.

ESG / Impact Investing

Seeks Investment Return

Traditional investing that identifies Environmental, Social and Governance risks through data innovation & research, and supports values through proxy voting, shareholder engagement and advocacy.

Thematic Investing

Some Investment Return
Impact Focused

Investing that seeks to impact a specific theme or outcome such as improving education, reducing hunger, conserving water, reducing carbon emissions, etc.


No Investment Return
Impact Only

Philanthropy seeks to create impact-only with no subsequent financial benefit.

Sustainable Impact Strategies

Key Investing Themes

Destiny Capital’s Sustainable Impact Strategies focus on the following themes when making investment decisions, measuring performance, and gauging impact:

Environmental Sustainability

Carbon Emissions  //  Toxic Emissions  //  Landfill Waste
Fossil Fuel Reserves  //  Water Conservation  //  Clean Air, Water, & Land


Equal Pay  //  Gender Equality  //  Corporate Diversity
Equal Opportunity  //  Equal Access to Education & Resources


Through investing and proxy voting, we seek to support corporate innovation in areas such as:

Clean Energy  //  Waste Mitigation  //  Human Rights
Resource Efficiency  //  Disclosure Requirements  //  Data Science

Impact in Action

At Destiny Capital, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to create positive change for our clients, our employees, and our community:

Community engagement & volunteerism

Gender diverse executive leadership team

Firm-wide diversity initiatives and education 

E-signatures and paper-light processing

In-office recycling program

Reduction of single-use plastics

Pro bono financial planning program

Annual employee scholarship fund

Employee education reimbursement

Remote work / reduced carbon footprint

Focus on employee work/life balance

Flexible employee schedules

Unlimited employee PTO

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