Our Process

At Destiny Capital, we also don’t just focus on principles – we adhere to a process that has been refined over forty years in this business. This process begins by understanding your financial world.

Your Financial World

Your Wealth Strategist and Wealth Planner will work with you to create a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that includes essential information that will guide our advice and recommendations.  This IPS includes key items such as:

    • Your Personal & Financial Goals
    • Your Time Horizon
    • Your Appetite for Risk
    • Unique Tax Considerations, Guidelines & Constraints
    • Liquidity Requirements and Cash Flow Needs
    • Estate Planning Considerations
    • Your Values

Your Portfolio

Destiny Capital’s Investment Committee, in conjunction with your advisory team, then constructs and recommends a portfolio that is reflective of your Investment Policy Statement.  Our portfolio construction process includes the following:

    • Our data-driven portfolio construction process uses techniques that adhere to the primary tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory while incorporating innovative, cutting-edge risk analysis and investment research tools.
    • Utilizing internal research and capital market assumption data from some of the best financial research institutions in the world, Destiny Capital’s Investment Committee analyzes the risk/return profile of nearly every asset in the investable universe.
    • From this research and analysis, Destiny Capital’s portfolio managers build customized, optimized, and diversified portfolios that include a variety of key asset classes.
    • We then partner with world class asset managers when selecting individual investments to represent each asset class.  These managers range from passive, low-cost, and tax efficient funds to innovative, active managers who incorporate Environmental, Social, & Governance considerations into their research when making critical buy/sell decisions. 
    • Finally, risk parameters are assigned to your portfolio.  This allows Destiny Capital’s Investment Committee to track portfolios over time to ensure that the strategy doesn’t deviate from your stated objectives as defined in the Investment Policy Statement.

    Our Ongoing Investment Management

    Our work doesn’t end after an account is opened, funded and invested.  At Destiny Capital, our ongoing investment management is unceasing, and includes the following:

      • Destiny Capital’s portfolio managers and advisors review your account on a weekly basis – even daily in times of elevated market volatility. 
      • If specified portfolio allocations deviate from targets, your portfolio will be rebalanced in a tax efficient manner.  Client accounts are typically rebalanced no less than annually.
      • Destiny Capital’s Investment Committee meets weekly to review and discuss challenges, opportunities, innovative investment strategies, products and general market conditions.  
      • Third party asset managers (mutual funds, ETFs, etc) are the subject of continuous due diligence.  Our partnerships are key, and we work with an elite group of industry experts.
      • Destiny Capital’s Wealth Strategists, Planners and Coordinators will work with you and your tax preparers to review strategies – and potential opportunities – related to capital gains, Roth IRA conversions and tax-loss harvesting, to name a few.
      • Clients receive monthly market & economy updates from Destiny Capital’s Chief Investment Officer in addition to ongoing outreach by your designated team of Strategists, Planners and Coordinators.

      Let’s Start a Conversation

      We’re here to provide you with more information or answer any questions you may have. You can also call us at (720) 715-7570.