Investment Management

Investing isn’t easy – it can be a lot like building a bridge over a river that constantly changes width and depth.  Conditions change without notice and underlying assumptions may shift unexpectedly, which can cause emotions to run high. 

Investing can also be lonely – who can you turn to and trust when making vital decisions that will impact assets that have taken time, sacrifice  and hard work to accumulate?

Over the course of an investor’s lifetime, there will be situations that challenge not only who you are and what you believe as an investor, but as a person.  It is during times like these when – at Destiny Capital – we reflect on the core investing principles that we’ve developed over the course of the 40+ years we’ve served clients as their trusted investment advisor.

Destiny Capital’s
Core Principles of Investing

Whenever faced with an opportunity or challenge, our advisors, analysts and portfolio managers reflect on our core principles and ask questions like “Is this in the best interest of our client?  Is this decision based on data or is it subjective?  Is this solution innovative and does it represent our standard of excellence?”


We do not chase returns or seek to time the market.  We adhere to our process, thesis and principles, even throughout the most difficult of times.


Decisions are based on objective data, not subjective emotion or ‘gut feelings’.  Decisions based on emotion tend to lead to negative outcomes.


Financial markets constantly evolve, and we need to be at the forefront of any product or strategy that may enhance risk-adjusted returns for the clients we serve.  Our work in this regard never ceases.


Owning diverse, non-correlated assets helps investors remain invested and absorb volatility over the long term.


We adhere not only to our core principles as investors, but to our principles as a firm.  This means focusing on investments and strategies that adhere to Destiny Capital’s principles for responsible investment and a fiduciary standard.

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Our Process

At Destiny Capital, we don’t just focus on principles – we adhere to a refined process.

Sustainable Impact Strategies

As global citizens and members of our community, we believe in making an impact and fostering positive change.

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